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She smiled and decided to tiptoe to his side to see if he would notice her. As expected, he was too focused on whatever was on his mind that she managed to hug him from behind and give him a light scare. "Boo! Morning! Hahahhaahha" She hugged his waist as he patted his chest and took deep breaths.


"But you and Lin Que were all cuddly and over each other the other day we met. Does he need an ass spanking with a ruler? Is he looking at someone else? Do I need to get your secret whip collection and help you tie him up to interrogate his ass?"


Susu's entrance left everyone stunned and attracted to her. The light makeup, natural wavy hair, light steps, and white dress caught everyone's attention. Tian Yuo was the most intrigued in the change of fashion style. He had never seen her wear a dress like this before and his heart began to beat uncontrollably.


Although she felt like she only took a short nap, she knew that she had a ventilator to keep her breathing steady. She observed his worried expression and the small traces of tears on his eyelashes.


Once received on their end, the message disappeared from her phone. Chen Nan was on a mission that he had previous accepted, so it would take some time before he could get here. Ariana bit her lips as she saw Lily and Susu in deep slumber.


Liang Yu Qing hugged Karen tightly and smiled, "My daughter is the best. The smartest. You go along and choose your best looking design from your closet for tonight. Remember, we are all depending on you now."

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Zhi Hei didn't want to press on a subject that he did not want to talk about, so he changed it to the upcoming event. "By the way, Yin Susu agreed to attend the event. I remember that you were quite sure that she would accept the invite."


After receiving the text, Chen Mu could already guess what had happened to make his parents call him back home. It's been a while since he's seen them anyways. The last time he saw them they had just come back from Hawaii and was flaunting their love to his face and sprinkling fairy salt dust to make him find a partner.


"I love you so much." Susu looked at him and whispered as she rested her forehead against his forehead. He closed his eyes and savored the moment before responding, "I love you so much too. So much more than I could ever imagine loving someone."


"This should be the question that we ask you. What were you thinking about just now? You looked so out of earth just now. Are you feeling alright?" Chen Mu asked.


Shen Qi passed a sanitizing wipe to him and whispered, "Chen Mu said that Miss. Shi Xue is showing signs of wak-"


Seeing the response made her smile subconsciously. She forgot when the last time was when she smiled like this. The heaviness in her chest also lightened after Susu accepted her and her grandfather.


"Oh.. ehehehe sorry, too excited for the new designs I have in my mind." Susu loosened her embrace while Lily laughed, "Aiyo~ I love this part of you even though your excitement almost squeezed me to death pffft. Haaa I love you soo much too honey bun."



Chen Mu took a deep breath and walked away from her. Professor Luo Xia stood up from his chair and said, "I trust him. He's right that we shouldn't rush to explain everything to Susu. We might as well deal with those bastards first before telling her to make everything much simpler. She needs time to rest."



Ariana said, "the room next to this one is empty. There are trays of used tools that needs to be taken care of by the garbage truck. It would be a pity if we let it go to waste, don't you think?"


Pulling her backwards, he made her fall into his embrace as his left arm securely wrapped around her waist. Her eyes widened from surprise at his sudden boldness. She let out a gasp when his warm lips sent tingles down her spine trailing gentle kisses on her neck.


"Then marry me. The person I want to be with is you. You're the one who doesn't understand me. You're not forgiving the things that I've done and are still angry with me. You can hit me or rage at me. Don't act so calm. You love me too. I'll give us a family like how it was supposed to have played out since the beginning if we never divorced." he started approaching her, and she backed away to avoid him.

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