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After breaking their kiss, Susu embarrassingly covered her face as she realized that she was sitting on his lap and they had just kissed. She quickly got off of him and wrapped the blanket around herself again. Seeing the wrapped burrito in front of him, he hugged her from behind and whispered, "Never knew you would have such a naughty side."


His hand grabbed one of the glasses from the tray, "Do you know what this is?" Karen's face turned pale and the sweet thoughts in her mind turned gruesome. She shook her head and shivered when her eyes met his. She felt like she was trapped in a different dimension where he was a tyrant and she was the peasant. His words were commands and she had no way of escaping.


"Mhmm.. Very... because my first time was with the person whom I love dearly; wholeheartedly. The most important part is that my lover loves me back and cherishes my everything. Though it was painful and a sudden surprise, it made me feel extremely lucky. Lucky that you were my first for everything."


"In here?" Susu looked at the rose. Zi Yan took the rose and folded certain petals inwards and bent a few petals outwards. The center of the rose opened up and a chip was trapped inside of it.


"...what? What's wrong? Where are you guys? I'll head there right away. Is Zhi Hei hurt??" Chen Mu quickly grabbed his car keys and informed Lin Que about him leaving.


Chen Mu was confused as to why he was thinking that something urgent happened. He questioned, "Didn't Shen Qi tell you that the medicine shows improvement to her condition? She's more stabled now and shows signs of waking up too. Except, I can't estimate when she would wake up. You should talk to her more to trigger her reactions."

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"I'm not... the father?!!!!" He slammed the pile of reports on the wooden table and looked through the rest of the package content. Not only was she not his daughter, pictures of his wife's affair that is still going on today were delivered to him!


"And if there is a next time?" his tone was no longer playful like before.


Once received on their end, the message disappeared from her phone. Chen Nan was on a mission that he had previous accepted, so it would take some time before he could get here. Ariana bit her lips as she saw Lily and Susu in deep slumber.


Lin Que barged into the room with one hand on his hip and the other hand holding the drug diagnosis reports. After some coughs, he excitedly said, "I knew it. We missed something. All these immunosuppressants would lower her immune system, but I always suspected that there was more to this. Why would anyone need to use over ten drugs from the same category when two is enough to perform the same effect?"


He entered the room and met his girl's gaze. Finally, he felt that his world was filled with light again. He smiled and joined Chen Nan in performing body examinations on her. Everyone else had to leave the room as they checked her condition.


"Yes. Yes. Anything you ask." He nodded with his hands nervously rubbed against each other.


"Mmmmm~~ Lots of vegetables and little to no oil dishes!" She swung their hands back and forth as they walked back to the car.



"Sure." Susu handed the invitation card over to him and watched as he placed the invitation card to the projector. "Zoom." he raised his arm and waved his index and middle finger in the air at the same time.



"Don't worry, we are only here to take back what belongs to Susu." Chen Mu bent forward and snatched the cellphone from his hand. After wiping it clean with a wet wipe, Chen Mu smiled, "Thank you for handing this back. Now, for the real business."


Karen's face was awfully ugly when she heard the compliments that Lily and Susu received compared to her zero mentioned figure. Tian Yuo's expression was not any better than hers as he saw how beautiful Susu looked tonight and how she didn't bother greeting him. A part of him started to feel regretful for signing the divorce papers and another part of him blamed her for never dressing up in front of him. 'If she looked like that in the beginning, I would treat her way nicer. Stupid woman.'


Hearing her words was enough for his already hardened buddy down there even more excited. Her knee bent up slightly and rubbed his hard erection that was hiding behind his pants. He drowned her lips in another deep kiss as their tongues explored the other's mouth. "As you wish."

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